Visiting Croots in Malton

Visiting Croots in Malton

Have you ever heard of Malton? Neither did I, until recently. It’s quite a pity though it took me that long; the city is pretty and just one train stop away from York, in the north of England. In addition to appealing architecture, Malton is also home to Croots, a small English company which is well known for its quality bags.

Croots offices are located about one mile from the local train station and can be reached by foot within 30 minutes. The office is located in a business park in a part of town called Norton. Croots does not just have its sales offices here, it also manufactures and stores all its bags in said office. In addition to regular fashion, the company has its roots in hunting bags. Since bags for hunters have to endure mediocre weather and heavy rifles, Croots bags are generally very reliable, even if you buy a laptop bag, instead of a riffle bag.

Allistair and Jackie Croot, who are running Croots these days, took about 3 hours of their time to show us their facilities. During said time, we learned some interesting facts. The bags are mostly still manufactured by hand; only a CNC machine helps with cutting some of the patterns. Still, the sewing, punching and quality control all happen right in the Malton office. The bags can thus rightfully be labeled as Made in England and Croots supports the local economy by providing jobs and paying taxes.

Since Croots not only manufactures, but also stores its bags in the same large room, orders can be served rather quickly. If you have any customization wishes or would like to have your name engraved, Croots can easily fulfill that wish. But instead of boring you with a plethora of descriptions, we will just let the following pictures speak for themselves. Also, we uploaded some videos to YouTube. Have fun with the footage!