Visiting Vale Brothers/Brady in England

Visiting Vale Brothers/Brady in England

There are plenty of nice things that can be done during summer. Some folks go to the beach to get some fresh air and we traveled to England, where we visited Vale Brothers, the company behind the bag brand Brady. The company is located in Walsall, a medium sized city in the West Midlands and pretty close to Birmingham. Vale Brothers has a long history. In addition to bags and purses, the company also manufactures saddles and horse brushes. The company even received a royal award, since it supplied the royal family with horse brushes for more than 5 years.

Walsall is not only where the company does its sales; this is also where its products are manufactured. Other than Italian cotton, only English materials are used for production. The bags are manufactured by hand. Other than regular sewing machines, no industrial machinery is used. Plenty of women and some men are sitting at their tables, where they work industriously on their respective product.

The production hall is filled with plenty of different goods. You will find yarn in different colors, cotton, forms which are used to ensure that every bag has the same measurements. In addition to bags and purses, the company also manufactures saddles and other horse sport items. One experienced person can manufacture one entire saddle per day; pretty impressive, huh? 🙂

We gained quite some insights and hope that you will be able to do so in the following pictures as well. Thanks a lot to Vale Brothers as well for allowing us to take a peak into their facilities.